KK Launcher (Lollipop & KitKat) Prime V 5.98 APK

KK Launcher Prime

KK Launcher is the Top 1 Lollipop & KitKat style launcher; Most Fast, Cool, Powerful, and AD Free.

KK Launcher target users

·         Who want latest Android experience, clean and modern design
·         Who want smooth operation, handy features
·         Who want their phones to be more powerful and playful

What make KK Launcher outstanding comparing to other launcher?

·         KK Launcher have 20+ unique,COOL and useful features: such as Sidebar, Super folder, Private         folder, App Lock, Double tap to turn off screen.
·         Compare to Nova Launcher(or Apex Launcher,Solo Launcher), KK launcher base on KitKat, has         latest Android UI and UE; while Nova Launcher base on ICS.
·         Compare to Google Now Launcher, KK launcher has all of its features, adding many useful                 features.

KK Launcher Main Features

·        Support icon theme:
Find 5000+ of launcher icon pack from Google Play Store; compatible with themes of nova launcher,solo launcher,go launcher,apex launcher, etc
KK Launcher also support color theme: Customize icons color, shape, mask, size as you want easily
·         Handy Sidebar:
Include Memory cleaner; Quick toggle; Favorite apps, and Sidebar can be launched from everywhere
·         Highly customize:
Have 300+ of launcher options to tune your devices; options for grid size, app folder, 4 UI size mode, dock pages …
·         Google Now on your home screen:
From left-most home screen, swipe right to access Google Now cards that give you just the right information
·         Just say “Ok Google”
When you’re on KK Launcher screens(Android 4.4+), just say “Ok Google” to trigger voice input, then say your command
·         Updating to Android 5.0, Lollipop:
Keep updating to latest Android L Lollipop (Android 5.0), bring you the latest Android experience
·         Launcher Desktop:
Smooth animation; Wallpaper scrolling; 16 transition effect; 5 live wallpaper effect; Color wallpaper
·         Launcher Drawer:
Create drawer folder; Hide app; 3 drawer style; 4 drawer sorting; Quick A-Z location bar; Quick app search; Change grid size
·         Transparent StatusBar, larger viewing area:
For Android 4.4, and Galaxy S4,Galaxy Note; Transparent StatusBar Clone for Android 4.0-4.3
·         Many Convenient Gestures:
15 desktop gestures; Icon gestures; Folder gestures; Reachability Gesture(like feature in iOS 8)
·         Unread Counts:
For SMS, Call, Gmail
·         Much more …

KK Launcher Prime Features

·         Private folder; Super folder
·         App Lock
·         Double tap to turn off screen, triple tap to turn on
·         More Unread Counts/Notifier
·         More gestures; Icon gestures
·         More transition effect
·         Etc…

How to install ?

1.      Download & Install KK launcher Prime Apk.
2.      When KK launcher Prime Apk will be installed then not open it.
3.      Download KK launcher Prime Apk unlocker & install it & open
4.      Open the app.
5.      Done.



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